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    Default DroidX (or Iphone) + Radar Detector + Laser Jammer + Trapster = Heaven

    So when is someone going build a dock/sled system for smart phones that allows radar and laser jammers to hook into it?

    Here's what I'm thinking. Trapster is awesome. But it's cumbersome and doesn't give you nearly the protection as a real radar detector and flaging traps is hard to do while driving.

    But what if, instead of putting all kinds of logic and displays etc. in a radar or laser jammer, just use your android or iphone or Windows 7 Phone or whatever?

    Use google/bing maps and have the radar detector automatically detect and the laser jammer the same thing. When it starts going off, have the map show if it's ahead, behind or to the side, and use that information to issolate the threat on the map exactly. Then have it popup over the map with 2 options only: False or Real. Flag it as real or fake and it automatically uses statistics from others and the signature of the threat (number of threats, location etc.) to store each location and warn of possible upcoming threats, and filter out falses entirely on a crowd source model, meaning that the data gets uploaded as you drive.

    Oh and it does navigation too so that you don't have to have a separate gps.

    This would be the holly grail of radar avoidance and would almost eliminate the effectiveness of radar except for hapless people that don't have the system. Especially in busy areas.

    And if you could make it modular so that you could use it without any stuff hooked up, use it with just a radar detector or just a laser jammer or both, this would rock big time.

    And it would make all of this stuff cheaper because you wouldn't have to put the computer stuff in because it's already in the phone. You're just providing sensors and emitters as necessary.

    Consider: My Droid X has a USB port and a car dock that is on my windshield already. Thus if I had this, it charges the phone, so it could use the full processor all of the time without issue, plays my music and is my guardian on the road.

    And if it cashed maps so that even when you're out of cell range, it has the data for your trip and if you get off the beaten path a little, and would send any information you collected while you were out of cell service when you were back in cell service, this thing would KILL the market.

    I do mean KILL. I mean like take over the portable GPS market, entirely and it would make all other radar detectors etc. look like 1970s tech.

    So who's up for it? I'd even help. Given that I'm a programmer by trade and build Databases and UIs I'd love to team up with a radar company and build this system out!

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    Default Re: DroidX (or Iphone) + Radar Detector + Laser Jammer + Trapster = Heaven

    check out radaractive

    is that kind of what you're talking about? there are a decent amount of people testing that on the board

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    Default Re: DroidX (or Iphone) + Radar Detector + Laser Jammer + Trapster = Heaven

    ^ +1 check out radaractive...

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    Default Re: DroidX (or Iphone) + Radar Detector + Laser Jammer + Trapster = Heaven

    I agree, it would be great to integrate the RD and GPS technology. While I'm curious about the new cell phone application, it would be great to integrate it (I would need a new cell phone, cell phone plan, have more electronic going on in the car, etc). We are on the verge of some real technology improvements, hopefully V1 and escort will pick up on it.



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