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    Default Why not selective segmention for Ka?

    Seems to me that if you segmented Ka in to slices, where you could disable some, you'd get great Q/T protection. 33.8, 34.7, 35.5. Once I cross the UT/NV border, I flip off 34.7 and turn on 33.8 for NHP. Then the reverse when I get into California.

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    Default Re: Why not selective segmention for Ka?

    The big advantage of Ka segmentation is that you can lock out the segments where Cobras false, but not used by police radar. The best example would be 33.6 where you will see many Cobra falses but no police radar so far. Once that segment is locked out, you can turn RDR off which dramatically improves QT response. RDR is a time-based filter used to reject false alarms from poorly designed, leaky RDs.


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    Default Re: Why not selective segmention for Ka?

    Quote Originally Posted by GTO_04 View Post
    RDR is a time-based filter...
    Not really. RDR is scanning 11.133-12.000 GHz for leakage from other Radar Detector Local Oscilators. If there is any time delay it's only the result of finding the signal from another RD LO.

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    Default Re: Why not selective segmention for Ka?

    Didn't the RX 65 have a USA mode ? Did it false from crapras?



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