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    Default any new detectors out?

    I'm currently using an 8500 refurb... wondering if there is anything new coming out anytime soon looking to upgrade, saw the v1 patent is up in the beginning of 2011 a lot of different threads, saw one about escort might be using some of their ideas... was wondering if anyone had anymore info on this subject

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    Default Re: any new detectors out?

    it would be better to bump those threads instead of making a new one

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    Default Re: any new detectors out?

    The only detector coming out soon (ie: before the holiday season this year) that I know of is the Whistler 3600 Remote-Mount unit.

    -With that said we don't fully know the details on it yet as no one (trusting/worth while mentioning -Read: SML-) has tested it... but apparently it's nothing more than the "high-end SE models in remote form".

    [Opinion]This basically means it is no upgrade at all from your S7 unit. Your S7 will likely have better C/O detection (by a very slim margin) across all bands. The Whistler will likely have better Q/T detection in your area if that is a concern (by a slim margin... as the S7 platform is superior to the M4's in this regard).

    -What the Whistler really has going for it:
    1) The ability to add an integrated GPS unit to its system. (A big plus in todays market).
    2) The ability to add a rear antenna that adds better rear-detection (not that it's needed), but also it will apparently have some application of a system showing the rear-antenna is receiving... though no one besides M.B. on here knows exactly how it will display it (he just said it would) or how accurate it will be.

    That be your choice for the near-future yee boy... but I am sure we will start seeing some more RD's from Belscort into 11-12.
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