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    Post Installed Detectors

    With the upcoming (continuous TBA date) of the Whistler 3600 which seems to be revolutionizing the price of installed detectors by being under $500, could there be a change in prices from competitors? With the Whistler (after reading on Veil-guys blog) even though it retails @ $479, this doesn't seem to be the real price since you would be needing to purchase the "upgrades" for the specifications named (GPS, rear antenna etc...). So it seems the real price is probably going to be near $750 ish (assuming GPS is $100+ rear antenna $149+), would this be more accurate? While this is still much less than other detectors (9500ci, STR+) would it be a safe assumption to see a serious decline in performance? It appears no actual testing has been released, so I am taking some liberties in assumptions.

    Thoughts? Knowledge?


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    I would say that to hold off until they do some testing and see if it would be worth it.



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