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    Default Sensoro Zodiac RX5300

    Hello All,

    I spotted an advert for a $50 Sensoro Zodiac RX5300.

    A "review" in the same advert claimed that in a 2003 RD test (speedzones maybe) listed this RD as being very good range etc.

    I've looked around to try to find that review or any real world review of this RD and haven't been able to find anything.

    Can someone here either post their experience with this RD or point me to an online source for the alleged 2003 review by SML or speedzones?

    It's a decent price and it looks like an okay detector for a mild speeder or as a backup unit.


    PS Yes I'm aware that it's not one of the "top three", so please refrain from the broken record "save up for a V1/Belscort"

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    There's an archive of the 2003 test.



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