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    Hey everyone! I live in California, more specificly in Los Angeles. I get pretty anoyed with X band falses. I keep seeing post say I shouldnt turn X band off. Does any one know for sure if X band is used here? Has anyone been ever hit by X band at all, any where? So my question is, should I turn X band off(I have it on lowX), or should I just keep it on? Oh, yeah I have a bel rx65.

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    From what I have researched X band is only used in Ohio and New Jersey. Roy says that some U.S. Park Police still use it.

    You can try to find the department in your state government that authorizes what type and models of radar guns the law enforcement are allowed to use in that state. That is how I confirmed that X band is not used in Virginia. I would find it highly unlikely that X band is used in California.

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    Hey, i used to live out there, and i still go back to visit often. As far as i know, no one has x band out there. i have kept x band off for years when i lived in cali, and never had a problem. the only time i have x on is for road trips to unfamiliar areas, just in case. even having left x on from a road trip, the only x alerts i got were all false.
    Ultimately it's your decision of comfort vs. falses, but i say go for it. i don't know about the settings on the bell, but my 8500 had an option to turn of x in city mode, but retain it in highway mode. maybe that's an option.
    In that area i've run into k, and ka. there are probably some places getting laser, but i'm not sure. San Diego S.O. motor bikes use laser a lot.



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