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    Default sydney speed camera tests - need some spotters

    I have arranged to check the frequency and pulse rates of the new mobile speed cameras being used in New South Wales and Queensland. I need to do the testing anywhere within the vicinity of Epping. I need some spotters to message or call me if wne when they see one with the exact location of the camera. There are the new Redflex K pulse cameras being operated out of the back of the Ford Territories. If you are on the road alot in Sydney and would be willing to help, can you please contact me. I need this asap. 4th Nov 2010.

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    Default Re: sydney speed camera tests - need some spotters

    Are you saying that Queensland also has Redflex cameras?

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    Default Re: sydney speed camera tests - need some spotters

    I have been advised that the redflex K pulse mobile cameras are being operated in Qld as well. They are the ones setup out the back of the ford territories.



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