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    Default Need help deciding what to buy

    Hey, guys! I live in VA.. Yes, I know radar detectors and laser jammers are illegal here.

    Starting in January I'll be commuting 30 miles (one way) to college five days a week. It will be mostly on the highway. I drive a 2001 BMW 740il. The other day I bought an escort redline but I think I need a laser jammer setup. I'm definitely a lead foot.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Need help deciding what to buy

    Laser jammer is pretty straightforward, LI or Blinder.

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    Default Re: Need help deciding what to buy

    Jammers for sure.

    btw, nice car for a college kid =)

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    Default Re: Need help deciding what to buy

    Laser Interceptor (LI) or Blinder are the only types of jammers worth getting

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    Will the blinder m27 be sufficient? Will I need that veil stealth coating or can I get by without it?

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    Default Re: Need help deciding what to buy

    I can't speak about Blinder except what I read on here and tests that I have seen on here with Veil does make a difference. I am running with an LI on a '08 Dodge Ram with chrome grill and bumper. The truck is silver and when I tested my set up at our last meet, I got JTG with a couple insignificant PT's. Those PT's were around 70' and 90'. I'm not even running HP's.

    LTI Truespeed got punch through at 248' while targeting my headlights. The Stalker LZ-1 got punch through at 80' center and 70' headlights.
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    Default Re: Need help deciding what to buy

    Veil makes a significant difference, and is always recommended. But it does not make up the difference between a Blinder and an LI.

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