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    Default Laser detector

    Why don't they just come out with a Laser detector picking up just laser with no radar?

    and no im not talking about a laser jammer

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    cause when cops aim there laser guns and shoot at you they are ready have your speed like in 1 second or less a laser detector would be useless not worth buying in my opion
    a jammer is what you need to beat laser 8)

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    they have already made separate laser detectors. a long time ago mind you. alot of companies had separate laser detectors that people would usually just velcro to the bottom of there detector at the time. and carlitos right, having a laser detector is useless unless you have countermeasers. theyve already got your speed by the time your foot touchs the brake.

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    There's one made by a company called Blackspot, sold in Europe. It's an interresting device, but I've never seen any tests of it.

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    Theres also one made in Korea called an Xing.

    Don't know if it is any good though!!!!!!

    They also have a new style of cordless jammer, they emailed me saying I can have an "evaluation sample" for $90 US + postage. but I think it sounds a little dodgy!!!!!

    Anyone know where I can buy the AL6 from? I was considering the Defender2 but it has been getting smashed by some of you forum members so I can't make up my mind.



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