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    Default Does enabling KU Band effect Ka, K and X sensitivity?

    I was browsing some radar detector patents and found the following:

    The patent states that:
    "A novel frequency scheme for a police radar detector enables improved sweeping of the X, K, K.sub.u and K.sub.a radar bands. The novel frequency scheme requires two initial frequency conversions for detection of the X, K and K.sub.a radar bands and a single initial frequency conversion for the K.sub.u radar band with single initial frequency conversion being enabled by disabling the second mixer. "
    This makes me wonder if perhaps the response time and or sensitivity is effected by enabling KU. if the mixer is being turned on and off, that makes me worry that I might miss a KA POP.

    Any thoughts?

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    I've had a chat to RD technican's and they say the more bands you have turned on the more time it takes to scan through them all which makes sense really, less bands on means less scanning time the proccesor takes which means quicker response.



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