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    Default removing 3m dual lock fasteners


    i'm thinking of doing the 3m dual lock fastener mount above my rearview mirror, but i anticipate wanting to remove it in 5 months, when i come back to virginia.

    some on here claim, as the label does, that it's extremely strong. should i have any trouble trying to remove the adhesive from the inside of my windshield?


    btw, i think i remember how this looked, and it's explained fairly well, but is there anyway to recover the pictures in this classic thread?
    Mounting a RD above your RVM

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    Default Re: removing 3m dual lock fasteners

    The heat from the sun may remove it for you! LOL. I have one strip Scotch Fastener All-Weather 3M Dual Lock and the sticky tape holds so far to the glass except to the plastic where I used Fletch Tite glue to help. The sticky tape to the glass should come off fairly easy, if not, a blade should help, test it on something and then try to remove it. But beware, sticky tape does not like high auto heat. Maybe fellow members who used this 3M stuff can give you the direct answer, sorry, I cannot yet, cause mine is still stuck on, thank goodness. Happy Motoring......

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    Default Re: removing 3m dual lock fasteners

    It comes off easy, it shouldnt be a problem

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    Default Re: removing 3m dual lock fasteners

    Mines come off so you will be okay.

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    Default Re: removing 3m dual lock fasteners

    It won't come down in the heat unless you're using a piece that's entirely too small for what you're mounting. The individual pieces should come apart before it comes off of the glass.

    I've removed it from glass at least ten times now in 4 different vehicles. I just start it with a knife then I can rip the rest down by hand or with a pair of pliers if it puts up a fight. Never seen any scratches.

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    Default Re: removing 3m dual lock fasteners

    thank you all. i will be using it in denver from jan-april so hopefully the heat won't be too bad then..

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    Default Re: removing 3m dual lock fasteners

    I take mine off easily....
    not to worry!!



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