Well I started off with a v940 after stumbling across this site a while back, then got a V1 and have love every minute of it. Added some blinders to my car as well. Problem is (for me) that I wanted spec/tech display and wanted to try some hack job to put a v995 or equivalent in the front of my car and run leads to the display. Only problem is the display can't be extended that far without it turning into a real big project.

I recently got the urge to try something again like this and saw Escort's Qi45, and the SR7. Sadly I can't get the STI-R since Belscort discontinued it, boo..

I've found some SR7's for 350, but the Qi45 is a bit more. Do they use the same horn or has it changed in the Qi45?

So I'm wondering if adding a second unit is worth it, with regards to detection, or if it's just for fun.

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