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    Default Strange alert (Ka)

    I used to see this many years ago, but not in the past 5 or so.

    I passed a FHP trooper who had pulled someone over. My Redline alerted to a very weak Ka signal when I was passing him, perhaps 50 feet away, then it went away. The trooper was out of his car. I recall years ago that some radar units would emit very weak signals when in 'standby' mode.

    The only other explanation is that he was using a hand-held radar gun that was still transmitting, but was laying on the seat next to him, so only a tiny bit of signal was escaping his vehicle.

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    Default Re: Strange alert (Ka)

    I have encountered this alot also. The Whistler SE did it often. I assumed slight leakage from Stalkers..Not everything is built perfect. Also could be a radar antenna faced down on the dash in C/O mode or maybe the customer had a Cobra?



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