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    Default "Swiss Army Knife" [multifunctional] type devices

    I recently saw an ad for a device that combined a GPS with a radar detector, etc., etc.

    Do you have any experience with these devices? If so, please share. Thanks.

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    Default Re: "Swiss Army Knife" [multifunctional] type devices

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    Default Re: "Swiss Army Knife" [multifunctional] type devices

    There are a few detectors that use GPS. Some use GPS to lock out non police radar sources that are always in the same spot. Other just map Red Light Camera locations. Some do all of the above and even know the speed limit of the road you're traveling on and even your current speed. The bottom line, as with all radar detectors is that some companies make garbage and others make gold. Escort, Beltronics, Valentine (no GPS though), and Whistler are the only companies I can recommend. With that said look at what they have and spend as much as possible. There are also add on options for use with radar detectors that let you have some of the above listed GPS features, but with a separate device (NavAlert, Cheetah Mirror).



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