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    Default Dummy RF (K-Band) Transmitters

    I guess it's nothing new: V1Dave has been using it for his pic for a while

    For those of you who frequently travel up and down I-95 in NC to VA or SC, there are numerous places where NCDOT and VDOT has mounted dummy transmitters on bridge posts and lamp posts. Not sure if anyone has seen them or encounterd them but they are there. I've seen them and picked them up with my RX65. They transmit a K-Band freq and that leaves NCHP wide open to use Ka and X band which they do very well; they are spaced very randomly and use solar panels for power supplies. I've also seen them in VA mounted on lamp posts. The next time I'm out and about I'll take my digital camera and get pics for all to see what to look for.

    I'll send them to jimbonzz or someone to upload.

    In the meantime, if you ever wonder why you may be getting so many alerts in certain places but never see a cop or LEO, this may be the reason why. Maybe this is new news, maybe not...just thought all should know.

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    Default Re: Dummy RF (K-Band) Transmitters

    Quote Originally Posted by SETITOFF
    I'll send them to jimbonzz or someone to upload.
    Let me know when you have pics, I'd be happy to host them :wink:



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