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    Default GOL Team and attendees

    I would like to thank GOL for the opportunity to attend and also want to say it was a great pleasure to meet each and everyone in person you are all a real great bunch of enthusiasts and thank you for the exceptional hospitality.
    I would like to thank each of you by name not in any order, Happya$$, Jim, Stealth, Roy, Mr and Mrs Viel, RacerX, Outrun, Seth (I hope I am not forgetting anyone, forgive me if I do I am not quite awake yet).

    Also since I drove out and back the same day you had all expressed concern for me getting back safe and even offered me to stay but I just couldnt due to other obligations, but I thank you all for the concern and I want you all to know I am back safe as of 1:30am.

    I would also like to just say I was very impressed with the detail and care GOL takes with their testing, how they dont leave a stone unturned no matter how much effort needs to be exerted to get an accurate result they are not afraid to attack it. Now that I have seen with my own eyes how GOL operates I can let everyone know first hand any data that GOL releases is 100% sound.

    Thanks again gang.

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    Likewise. Nice meeting you and glad you got home safe.



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