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    Default Adcvice about 45MPH signs setting off K-band alerts

    I have a two Bel 940's and they go crazy at each reduced 45MPH sign. In Maine, all of the 45MPH signs that flash during a snow storm on I95 had radar added to them a year or two ago. I only learned about this recently as I heard the Maine DOT uses them to monitor traffic flow. Some local LEO use K around here so I need to figure out the difference. I don't want to ignore an alert when it may be someone lurking beside the sign. Any advice on getting either a higher model of Bel or an 8500 or 9500 Escort to get spec or expert mode to get the freq of k-band and ignore that or maybe a multiple bogey counter so if I see two k-band I know something is up ahead of me? Any advice? Thx, -Chris

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    Default Re: Adcvice about 45MPH signs setting off K-band alerts

    I believe that the escort 9500i can lock out false alerts due to its GPS features.

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    Default Re: Adcvice about 45MPH signs setting off K-band alerts

    We have these also on speed limit signs in Northern KY on I-75. The 9500ix and Passport iQ will eliminate the alerts from these signs while still alerting to nearby police.

    Escort Radar customer service is available from 8am-6pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608

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    Default Re: Adcvice about 45MPH signs setting off K-band alerts

    You can get the 9500IX and take advantage of the gps features or get a V1 and check the bogey counter before ignoring the threat.

    For me this scenario is where the bogey counter comes into play. It has saved my behind more than once with those signs on the PA Tpke.

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    Default Re: Adcvice about 45MPH signs setting off K-band alerts

    I was driving in vermont yesterday and encountered a similar problem and almost got my ass fried. There were these large signs on the road, they were not even flashing anything, and they were not speed signs. They looked more like large billboard or info conveying signs, but they weren't on. But they had radar, as every single one set off my V1 K band alert. After 4 alerts, i ignored one, and only slowed down from 85 to 80 in a 65. Then, the second i saw 2 troopers in the median, i was able to slow down a bit.

    The Vermont troopers were using a K band radar themselves, that did not produce strong signals on the V1. IT alerted quite far our, but only weak signals.

    So these signs are no only speed signs, they are all sorts of signs, and they are in VT too. I have not encountered them in NY yet, and hope they stay the hell out.



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