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    Default LI QUAD - Valentine One Package

    any new buying group for LI QUAD - Valentine One Package or similar ?
    im also looking for good installer in the DFW area for these type gear

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    Default Re: LI QUAD - Valentine One Package

    I just had a Bel Sti R plus and LI quad installed at Earmark in Plano. They did a great job. Would absolutely recommend them and they said that there is a lifetime warranty on their labor. I'm excited to test everything out this weekend.

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    Default Re: LI QUAD - Valentine One Package

    Are you asking about group buys or if you can just get a Valentine One and LI Quad bundle? If you're looking for a bundle then go with Radarbusters and use to discount code you can get by clicking the banner on the right which is RADARROY. That will get you 10 percent off of your purchase.

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    Default Re: LI QUAD - Valentine One Package

    Welcome to the forum. As a forum member you will get a 10% discount at radarbusters. V1 and LI, great choice!
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