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    Default beltronics gx65 ka 35.5 videos

    So I got a few clips of ka 35.5 with gx65 I would think I would pick up this radar a lot farther then I did
    All are C/O 35.5 Best pick up was 2nd video was 35.5 also leo was across highway behind a snow bank and radar beam was going threw building, why in the other videos seems like when I am coming head on with the Leo not much warning. Was wanting other people’s feedback.

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    Default Re: beltronics gx65 ka 35.5 videos

    These should be moved to the "Detector & Counter Measure Videos" section.

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    Default Re: beltronics gx65 ka 35.5 videos

    Generally, that's what you will get with M4 horn. They need to be very close to line of sight with this tough 35.5 frequency due to the off axis situation of a curve or such. If you get about 1 mile detection that's perfectly fine and enough to slow. The ramp up, on the other hand, is terrible and probably the quick trigger reactivity is not good on the M4s.



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