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    Default In the market for a new detector... whistler 1793?

    My whistler 1430 finally bit the dust. I really liked the unit, it picked up a few stores and alarms but I could read and trusted the unit. I need a new one now It is doing some weird stuff right now and not picking up anything. I called them and they said for 120 and my old unit they would give me a 1793.

    What do you think? I have no clue how much more stuff this one may pick up then my old one. It seemed to only go off when there was a real theat, or at least I was able to distinguish with the alerts.

    Any suggestions? I like the price tag but if it sucks, it sucks.


    mike another noob.

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    I think you would be much better off with a PRO 58 or 73. Roy sells the 58 I think for about $100. The guys rave about it for the money.

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    The 1793 is the top end of the 1700 series and comes with some nice extra goodies such as a bag to carry the unit in and comes with a cigarette ligher socket multiplier.
    The 1793 and the PRO series are going to perform the same.
    The 1793 also comes with a 2 year warranty same as the pro series.
    For the money I would go with the 1793 and get the extra bonus goodies.



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