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    I am heading down to Columbia SC from the Phila area, any suggestions taking either I81 or I95, only disadvantage of I81 is in Va too long, is the speed enforced heavily on I 81,
    is the speed limit now 70, how much over can one go without drawing attention, thanks in advance.

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    In Virgina >= 80 is reckless driving. I'd probably pick 81 even though it does go through VA. 95 is part of both the Baltimore and Washington beltways, and it doesn't keep you out of VA that much longer anyway. l

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    I drove for the first time as a driver in VA this past weekend, but on 220 the whole time. I got a kick out of all the road signs once you cross the state line, "radar detectors illegal", speed strictly enforced, speed enforced by aircraft, etc.

    The hour I was in VA each way I saw zero cops and got zero hits on my radar detectors. I kept it at 9 over if I had cars ahead of me, a few times I found a rabbit doing 15 over (I was nervous as hell doing that). The only good thing about the drive was the roads were pretty fun, real curvy/hilly.

    I'd say take it easy in VA though, as others would probably agree, watch out in NC too. Sorry this post was mostly worthless to your questions.



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