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    Default radar in terrian

    What is the best radar detector just for k,Ka band and for hilly and curvey terrian out on the street. The Val1 bel RX65 or the escort X50.

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    I've driven with my V1 as well as my dad's X50 in that kind of terrain and the V1 gets the nod from me. It seems to have a bit more sensitivity off-axis which helps around corners. Hills are a PITA and its pretty much a toss up between the two since they are about equally sensitive when roughly lined up with the device. The only thing you can do for hills is mount as high as possible no matter what you get.

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    In order of the best off-axis detection
    1. V1---biggest antenna
    2. BEL RX65---second biggest
    3. X50---smallest

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