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    Default Shielding : % due to Casing ?

    Did someone , somewhere did the test or could do it .

    Is there any interest in knowing that ?

    Like the Sti is much heavier then the V-1 , what would be the result un-shelling the Sti and the V-1 ... curiosity ... because I assume the rf leakage goes outside by the antenna anyway ... ?

    Everybody saying the V-1 was the stealthiest , till the Sti , because of the heavy casing ... :arrow:

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    the antenna is made of metal so the only escape it out of the front!

    the reason why v1 is the stealthiest is due to mike and engineers doing something to reducing the emissions. but they cant contain them completely!

    well uptil now they havent!

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    The long and short of shielding is you have to contain the circuitry in something that blocks the internally generated fields from escaping the box. This is not so simple as it might appear. Such things as seams where the top and bottom half of the boxes are joined require emi gaskets etc. The shorter the wavelength the harder it is to accomplish. That is why microwave frequencies are difficult to suppress. It also helps to run the circuitry at the lowest possible power level which cuts down on the signal strength emitted. If for instance the local oscillator was run a very low power levels it would be very difficult to detect even with minimal shielding. There are many techniques to accomplish shielding but most are out of the price range of consumer electronics.



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