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    Default Question about Encounter

    Other day I was going onto the highway, I got small blips of ka band and eventually found the source of a leo sitting on the on ramp facing traffic on the highway. The signal ramped up until I passed his car.

    From what I understand is he has a forward facing antenna, does this mean he is running radar? Or is it that he left his radar gun on in his car? And is this considered a constant on device? I have yet to see any instant-on in my area and usually just get a signal from a leo having just pulled someone over and wondering if they just left the radar gun on.

    The police where i'm from mainly use lidar and I want to fully understand radar as it seems to be a little more difficult to understand than lidar.


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    Default Re: Question about Encounter

    Read up.

    Yes, he was running radar. Yes, it was Constant On. All radar guns are capable on Instant On.



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