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    Lightbulb Distance from windshield - Does it matter?

    Link to original thread: Window reflection ?

    The question was asked "does distance from antenna to windshield make a difference, especially in off axis?"

    So I did some testing, tell me what you guys think. Tell me what I did right and what I did wrong. This is for the betterment of the community, not an ego match. Please point out factors that could help or hinder this example, and also please create and post your own. This is for the collective knowledge of everyone, so if you have a V1, try the same thing! More data points make a clearer picture!


    Redline settings: X off, KA off, LSR off, TSR off, SWS off, POP off.

    Used both Super cup and standard mount, below tint line.

    Sorry for the shakiness, I had to hold it the entire time. Didn't have my windshield mount.

    Also, if this is found to be useful, if it is possible to have it stickied and put in the proper location, even better.

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    Default Re: Distance from windshield - Does it matter?

    This is good data to further add that mounting your rd away from the window may effect performance. Ill be posting pics of my custom fab extension for my blend mount next week. Im going to mount my stir+ within an 1/8- 1/4" of the window
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    Default Re: Distance from windshield - Does it matter?

    How do you think CJR's V1 operates on the back seat headrest?

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    Default Re: Distance from windshield - Does it matter?

    Excellent test and thank you for posting this.

    My opinion is that the A-Pillar of the Tahoe (to the left of the windshield) is not a significant part of the equation here. Even when mounted on the SuperCup the antenna still has a direct line of sight down the street beyond the obstructions off to your left and clear of the A-Pillar.

    Of more consequence is the larger swath of glass and the fact that from the recessed mount the detector will "see" more curvature looking through the glass off to the left.

    From the Stalker Dual Radar Manual:

    3. Locate the antenna as close to the inside glass as possible (preferably less than 1/2 inch).
    This excerpt was taken from an authorized repair center for Stalker / MPH / and Kustom Signals radars.

    EFFECTS OF WINDSHIELDS AND OBSTRUCTIONS - Just as a windshield reflects, distorts and refracts light, it will change the nature of the radar beam. The radar signal may be reflected down the defroster openings, it may be bent and distorted by the curvature of the glass, or it may be blocked by the presence of the windshield wipers. Care should be taken in mounting the radar unit behind the straightest section of windshield, where it has a clear, undistorted view of the roadway.

    So I think your little test was spot on in showing the varying effect of glass.....particularly a curved windshield.....on the sensitivity of an RD in relation to it's position on the windshield.

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    Default Re: Distance from windshield - Does it matter?

    Great video, i have mine close to the glass sitting up above my mirror. I had 60% tint window strip and now i have a 15% strip and it seems to still detect the same when its close to the glass.



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