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    Default K band and blue SC DOT Truck

    Travelling on I-85 in South Carolina I started getting constant on K band on the V1 and Redline. I slowed and the signal strength stayed about the same for a few miles so I concluded a LEO was travelling same direction and about the same speed as I was.

    My girlfriend couldn't see anything down the road with the binoculars so I slowly worked my way closer to the source. Finally came up on a blue SC DOT truck, with some sort of structure (sign or something) in the bed. V1 told me with the arrows that the K band was coming from the truck.

    Anyone know why a DOT truck would be transmitting K band? I had a thought that the sign thing in the bed might be a speed sensor sign but it was hard to tell and I didn't stick around to hear my detectors beeping any longer. I think it was right on 24.125 when I was next to the truck.

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    Default Re: K band and blue SC DOT Truck

    Plain K band drone or SWS transmitter is my guess.

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    Default Re: K band and blue SC DOT Truck

    Only the arrows know!

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    Default Re: K band and blue SC DOT Truck

    DOT vehicles in my state emit K-Band, only the dump/paving/watering truck. I noticed I'd get K-Band, about 3 bars or so when I passed the DOT truck. You're not being clocked.

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    Default Re: K band and blue SC DOT Truck

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    Default Re: K band and blue SC DOT Truck

    My last trip down to the Bikini I was going down I-26 headed to I-95 south at a good clip. Came over a rise around Orangeburg and there is a SC DOT maintenance dump truck with a couple K band drones on it. I guess it is to slow people down as they approach the work truck. There were a couple more SC DOT maintenance dump trucks on I-95 south with the same multiple drone setup, although one truck had a K and a Ka band drone, the Ka definitely got my attention, PITA.


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    Default Re: K band and blue SC DOT Truck

    GA HERO units as well have K band drones. It's proven that these drones slow down speeds in construction zones, since radar detector users slow the traffic to speed limit or less. So they also put them on DOT trucks to warn RD users that a there is a condition ahead (accident, broken down vehicle, etc).
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    Default Re: K band and blue SC DOT Truck

    That is a pretty smart tactic!



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