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Thread: IO-How Long?

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    Question IO-How Long?

    I was hit last week by an oncoming LEO equipped with a K-Band radar in a 80KPH zone. I started to slow when I saw him (down shifted) and once again when he lit me up with IO. I got down from 125KPH to the LEO's stated 113KPH, and the police officer was very polite and pleasant and dropped the ticket to 95KPH ($55 and no points rather than the $240 and 4 points the 113 would have given me).

    My question is; how fast does the Radar become fully operational with an IO? When I detected him, was he getting a full read?


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    On modern guns, less than a half second. With I/O, you're toast as soon as the detector sounds. That's why you need a rabbit.
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    Half a second is pretty much one hundred percent chance of a reading, I have tested my bushnell vs the V1 a handful of times and I can outrun it all day long with Q/T pulls, while obtaining a speed reading.

    Rabbits are key, it's to bad you never slowed down quick enough. The good thing is, you got a no points ticket. You can skip court and everything now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsedan View Post
    My question is; how fast does the Radar become fully operational with an IO? When I detected him, was he getting a full read?
    In a split second.

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    Pretty much as fast as you can hit a button. Think of QT as a semi-automatic rifle or pistol with two rounds, one being chambered of course ready to shoot. Can you get those two shots fired in less than a half second. Yes you can. It is virtually instantaneous with I/O, once hit you're done, game over. It happened to me too, but I got it dropped to minimum fine with 1mph over. And all this talk about rabbits. Where the heck are they? I've never encountered a rabbit. I swear in my state it is taught in drivers education to deliberately drive 10mph under the speed limit to piss people off. I always seem to be the lone wolf.
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