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    Default Why so much leakage?

    This has probably been addressed and if so feel free to delete the post but why do Cobra's leak Ka-Band so bad. I'll be driving down the road and BEEP! Ka-Band! It hovers around one bar for a few seconds then goes away but it is annoying as I react by either down shifting or nose diving if I'm the only car around. Is there anyway to remedy this problem?

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    Default Re: Why so much leakage?

    This works for me. On the V1, I have the weak X/K bands at low volume and the strong X/K/Ka/Laser at the loud volume. Now, that helps to keep from spike'n the brakes. So the next thing, low volume foot off of the gas, loud volume foot touching the brakes, it is the signal strength that determines how much pressure to apply to the brakes. A loud strong I/O Ka scares the crap out on me so I will react fast hitting the brakes hard, natural reaction for you have to teach yourself this with the loud alarm. If your RD alarms at only one volume, you become numb, slow, or spike the brakes everytime like I did before learning how to set the V1 and teach myself how to react....

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    Default Re: Why so much leakage?

    I think it is getting beyond rediculous but that is me. Doesn't help when I see two kids at Wal-Mart the other day buying $39 Cobras either. Seems like every dozen or so cars, especially when I'm driving around the city. You try to get used to it. I've taken actually to using my remote RMR unit along with the V1 to try and discern them (they don't false each other and I use it only around the city, if I even take the V1 which depends on where I go, if it leaks anything at least how I have it mounted it doesn't set the V1 off so be it if I'm falsing the Cobras back they'll know how I feel). On my daily drive I've found its usually its 3 beeps for a Cobra if they're coming towards me from time they drive up to the time I pass them (which makes sense since the remote unit antenna is lower mounted). What I've noticed is even a distant Ka band is usually a stronger signal, so if it hits a 4th beep I know its less likely to be fake. They still give me trouble coming up from behind on occasion but you eventually learn to figure them out, but I've checked the rearview more than once when the arrow is flashing behind. The only thing I've noticed is even weak Ka guns usually give a stronger alert when used in city setups and if you get zapped with the I/O you know it. Constant on is usually easy to figure out even if you're being bombarded with Cobra users.

    My opinion, it helps to be alert, regardless of the source of the radar. I think the V1's arrows can help in this situation as to figuring out where the source is instead of just beeping. If you end up doing what I'm doing and using a secondary detector where they present the most problems you've gotta do what you've gotta do.



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