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    Default Random Ka false alert suppression who's the best?

    My .872 has excellent Ka false alert suppression. I don't get false Ka alert's. I hardly see "J" as well.

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    Default Re: Random Ka false alert suppression who's the best?

    I took the RedLine although it's exactly the same as the STi. I would get a Ka false ~ 33.6 once in a blue moon.

    The RX65 will emit some Ka falsing in USA mode at or about 33.7. In international mode it's about as quite as the RedLine.

    My V1 3.872 still issues a Ka false about once a day with Guard on. It never seems to miss a Cobra in close proximity. With Guard off I can pick up a Cobra on a 4 lane with a BROAD median going the other way.

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    Default Re: Random Ka false alert suppression who's the best?

    I rarely get false Ka alerts. Maybe once per month, lately my V1 has been giving me a lot of false lidar alerts at the WORST times possible. Its been very annoying.



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