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    Default 9500ci and STi-r Plus - Any interchangeable parts?

    Does anyone know what, if any, parts are interchangeable between the 9500ci and STI-r Plus? Reason: I have the 9500ci installed in my car and would like to install one or the other in my wife's inbound new car. However, I'd prefer the STi-R Plus in my car but don't want to pull out too much of the install. At a minimum I'd like the red display (blue goes better in her car, red in mine) but would definitely like some of the features of the STi-R Plus in mine.

    In a perfect world I'd just swap the receiver and display but am afraid I might have to swap the junction box as well. Are the GPS antennas the same? Are the receivers the same with just some different logic? If so, are the 'brains' in the junction box or are they in the receiver?

    Lastly, can Escort's Detector Tools update the STi? Or do I have to install their software on my computer as well? Thanks a lot!

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    Default Re: 9500ci and STi-r Plus - Any interchangeable parts?

    The display and control panel (buttons) are interchangeable, as is the speaker. The GPS antenna may be interchangeable as well, but I'm not sure of that. The junction box (CPU) and receiver have to stay together. I believe the shifters are the same between the two as well.

    You could pull the CPU, receiver, display, and control panel out of your car and replace them with the STi-R+ ones. You can leave the wire that goes from the CPU to the receiver. Then install your 9500ci bits into your wife's car using the STi-R+ mounting hardware, brackets and wires. Note that the 9500ci will throw errors on power-up (but will still work) if the shifters aren't connected.
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    Default Re: 9500ci and STi-r Plus - Any interchangeable parts?

    Awesome, thanks. Exactly what I was looking for. I was hoping to not have to swap out the receiver but since Belscort is kind enough to add the quick disconnect I won't have to pull through the firewall.

    I only have the rear jammer head connected to the 9500ci (LI dual in front), so am used to those errors. Too bad they can't be disabled on the 9500! I'm pretty sure the GPS antenna is the same, that will save a lot of wire pulling as well.

    Thanks again.



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