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    Default Is it Really Worth It?

    So I just bought a V1 almost a week ago. I am in CT and they have both radar and laser.

    But I have been doing a lot of reading on here and realized that CT cannot shoot radar with a gun, only in the car. Also, their expanding their laser gun inventory. Most of the time I see the LEOs, they are sitting in their cars with the window down shooting with a gun - which I now assume is laser. The radar detector obviously doesnt really help when it comes to laser. I want to/am going to get a laser jammer.

    My question is, is the detector really worth it? Or has its days passed?

    (Flame suit on)

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    Default Re: Is it Really Worth It?

    They use both and will in my opinion for years. When the weather turns cold you will see them using less laser and more radar.

    As long as laser can not be used while moving/patrolling at speed I feel radar will be around..
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    Default Re: Is it Really Worth It?

    It depends on your area. Where I live, there are still plenty of police using radar.

    But in an ideal world every cop would use laser and we'd all just buy laser jammers and never get tickets.

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    Default Re: Is it Really Worth It?

    My state consists of this...

    Connecticut (thanks bullrider718, Charlescrs6, hockey005, Monolith, Mthman30, StlouisX50, tvargas1, Vette6893, X5-one) top

    Avon: Ka, Laser
    Columbia: Laser
    Darien: Ka band C/O, portable speed signs K band
    Durham: Laser
    East Mountain: Laser
    Enfield: Lidar & Illegal Cell Phone Use
    Fairfield County - Police Depts: Ka moving, non-radar photo speed signs
    Greenwich: KA band
    Merritt Parkway: Ka
    Milford: KA, K band, X band speed signs
    Monroe: Ka
    New Canaan: K, Ka (updated 01/03/2011)
    New Haven City: Laser (Pro Laser III)
    New Haven County - State Troopers: Laser
    Newtown: Ka
    Old Saybrook: Laser
    Orange: KA, K band, KA band speed signs
    Ridgefield (Fairfield County): Only KA and Laser usually C/O KA and a few I/O encounters.
    Stamford (Fairfield County): K, KA and laser, C/O & I/O.
    State police: K, LTI TruSpeed
    State Police: (rte 2 to 2A, Hartford County): Laser (Ultralyte, Stalker LZ1), Pacing

    What do you guys think? I see a lot of radar in the mix so thats why I thought the detector would be beneficial.

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    Default Re: Is it Really Worth It?

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    Default Re: Is it Really Worth It?

    Yes, CT has a growing numer of LEO's with laser. Both radar and laser protection is required in CT or you could have a very bad day.

    Laser and Ka band are used most frequently by State Troopers. Locals towns Generally use Ka and K.
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    Default Re: Is it Really Worth It?

    It's definitely worth it, even if it saves you just a few times.

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    Default Re: Is it Really Worth It?

    I've driven cross country a number of times and have yet to encounter laser on the highways/interstates, its all radar all the time. Only in big cities do they really use LIDAR and I try not to speed in cities what with kids, pedestrians, bikers and all running around.

    If you do encounter a lot of laser where you speed, get jammers. I was thinking about them, but couldn't justify the $600 for LIs when I hardly ever get pegged (and when I have been, I wasn't speeding because I was in the city)

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    Default Re: Is it Really Worth It?

    Waste of time, I will give you 200 for the V1. JK, radar will always be alive, especially in Oklahoma. To hot to stand out and shoot laser, and they can get all they want just setting or being mobile.

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    Default Re: Is it Really Worth It?

    You live in CT...but what about when you drive out of CT? Regardless, radar is used more than laser and always will be. The only place you'll run into laser in CT is on the highway. The locals use radar, like most states (with a few exceptions). I took a 22 hour drive from Hartford CT all the way down to Lakeland, FL and did not run into one single lidar trap. In total (the way down, and way back) I probably had about a total of 24-26 saves, all of which were radar. That being said, you certainly do need jammers since laser is certainly a threat, especially in CT. I, however, was extremely astonished when I did not run into a single lidar trap on such a lengthy drive, but I guess that's how the cards are dealt sometimes. In a nutshell, get a V1 and a LI Quad because CT does shoot rear laser, and you'll be good to go!



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