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    Default V1 X50 RX65 Filtering

    For some reason i have always seen a lack of range on the V1 when i put it in Logic or Adv Logic mode aka city with the X50 the problem doesnt seem to be that bad nor there might not be a problem and the RX65 i saw someone write that it went off late insted of early due to filtering timing ?????? some one give me some info on this If it decrease's range ? or Detection timing??

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    My experiences.

    As I've stated before when I had the 8500 and the V1 both pre pop... I tested them both and found no differences in falsing locally between the v1's L mode and the 8500's Auto mode.

    Now on to the V1:

    In A mode, it works ok on the highway out in the boonies, but in the city this will drive you friggin' nuts.

    In small l mode. It seems like the detector will show you all the bogies from A mode, but will show them all only visually and at the muted level. Signals the detector thinks are not falses are reported at the normal volume.

    In large L mode... It seems to me that its the same as little L mode, except that rather than showing the "falses" on the display and playing at muted mode, it simply kills these alerts completely. It only lets through what it thinks are legit alerts.

    So unless you are always staring at the display, there is little difference between big L and little l. Again, the muted tones can be a good warning but I won't get into that.

    As far as X band goes. Sure with A mode on, I pick up on the Xband signal like 3 miles away... but often this can be annoying.

    KA band seems unaffected by L vs A

    K band, i can't say for use but in Little L vs big L modes, it seems like there are some Kband hits that are first reported at muted volume until i get close. Presumably these alerts would be not shown until I was closer in big L mode.



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