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    Default interchange ability

    I am new to this forum and have a question. I have a V1 and a 9500ix. I have two cars.
    I plan to hardwire these with a remote display.
    Question: since both use phone wire, will I be able to interchange them? I realize the 9500 does not have a rear detector. Will the mute button on the V1 r/d work on the 9500 and the mute on the 9500 r/d work on the V1? I assume the power is the same? Any issues with the remote display causing a problem with the other detector?

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    Default Re: interchange ability

    The V1 hardwire cord will power a 9500ix and vice versa, but the mute button and V1 concealed display will not work with the 9500ix. Also, if you power a V1 using the Escort cord, you'll lose the functionality of the mute/function button on the V1.

    So, yes, it works, with some limitations.
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    Default Re: interchange ability

    But the remote display of the V1 will not affect the power to the 9500ix?
    If the mute function on the V1 does not work, will the mute on the Escort remote display work (lights and mute) when connected to the V1?



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