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    Default Radar & laser in the rain

    I just have to ask. I've wondered for a long time. I wasn't able to find any "legitimate" answers elsewhere on the web.

    Do radar & laser work while it's raining. Laser I'm guessing is a no since it would be scattered immediately.

    Assuming it won't work, at what point does that happen? Fog, light mist, downpour, etc?

    What about snow?


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    Default Re: Radar & laser in the rain

    RE: the radar part......
    The short answer is that Radar is microwave rf and that spectrum is absorbed by water. It works but the range is decreased. If you have SAT TV, watch the signal strength go down or completely out depending on the severity of a rain storm.

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    Default Re: Radar & laser in the rain

    The only time that the I have know that a Leo did not go after a speeding Vett (over 100 mph) was because it was pooring down rain, the Leo did not want to stand out in the rain. Water vapor in various forms does decrease distance in most cases. Laser is light, if the target can be seen, there is room for returning reflections but might take longer to aquire a reading.....

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    Default Re: Radar & laser in the rain

    Radar and Lidar both work in the rain. I shoot my Kustom Pro Laser 1 (2nd lidar gun ever made) in the rain and it performs just as it does when it's dry.

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    Default Re: Radar & laser in the rain

    X and Ka band radars are not hardly affected by the rain at all. But the frequency K band operates on makes it susceptible to humid and rainy environments and reduces it's range. Modern laser is not affected as much as the older laser unit's by rain.

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    Default Re: Radar & laser in the rain

    Fog hurts performance much more than rain.

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    Default Re: Radar & laser in the rain

    Good to know. Thanks for the replies.



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