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    Default Re: A Flawed RD Test?

    Thanks for this info, some of us may have been thinking along these lines, but you put it in clear understandable words.

    Even though it is annoying for most, I put up with my Redline going full alert, even when I probably had reaction time.

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    Default Re: A Flawed RD Test?

    So, your saying that at 2 miles, the V1 and a $100 cobra are not the same, even though their ramp ups both show *not urgent*. Amazing.

    But seriously, great artical I enjoyed it and I also agree!

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    Default Re: A Flawed RD Test?

    I agree that testing detectors and making comparisons based on the visual meter is a flawed way of testing/comparing.
    It is true that some RD's have linear audio rates while others do not,I feel that it is important to point out known differences. "Not all detectors of the same model are created equal" which is very unfortunate. Many Redline owners experience awful ramping rates with certain bands while mine does not. I believe that mine works how it is supposed to rather than being a hot unit or that I am lucky. The Redline that I have is every bit equal to my Valentine and S7 platform 8500 X50 which have very linear audio rates. I bought an RX65 (S7) for a friend and later purchased one for myself. Hers has a pretty good ramp up but the RX65 that I have alerts at a slow rate all the way until the bitter end,same model but they have different audio rates. It really is too bad that this happens because so many consumers don't get the same quality from the same models.

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    Default Re: A Flawed RD Test?

    Nice read

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    Default Re: A Flawed RD Test?

    Good Post / Thanks.



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