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    Default Car Port Sockets & GPS

    I havent hardwired yet and I need a good "socket" that has multiple sockets so I can run both my RD's, GPS, phone charger all at once while driving.

    Any suggestions on which one I should buy? Anything to keep in mind (for ex, a 12V may be good for them?)

    Also, my damn garmin keeps falling down on my windshield. What's a solid alternative to sticking it on the windshield that I can buy?


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    Default Re: Car Port Sockets & GPS


    For the socket splitters, sort of a cigar lighter form of a cube tap, most anything will work...Just determine how many devices,,,I have seen a 1:5 unit. One caution though some have lighted assists and if you have say a Ford Explorer where the outlets are always on, they can get pretty warm. Available at Ratshack and almost anywhere.

    For the Garmin, cell phone etc., check out Device Holders and Dashboard Vehicle Mounts*-*ProClip Car Mounts for Mobile Phones, GPS, and Handheld Devices It can get pricy but I have them in 3 cars and it's first class kit.

    Best of luck,


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    Default Re: Car Port Sockets & GPS

    Check out the Arkon mounts for your Garmin. I used to have a lot of trouble with the factory Garmin mount falling off. The Arkon one I bought to replace it, however, is great.

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    Default Re: Car Port Sockets & GPS

    I've been running two Lenmar Power Port 4's in my car for a couple of years or so now -- one for ignition-switched power and one always-on. They power 3 Garmin navs, a camcorder, a handheld scanner, a USB phone charger, and sometimes an IGo laptop power supply.

    I also like the look of the Enercell 3-outlet adapter that Radio Shack sells. It is hardwire-ready, and supposedly good for 15A. Alex Roy has three of them in his M5.

    Whatever you get, make sure it is appropriately fused and more than capable of handling the power draw you're putting on it. It would suck if your car caught on fire because of a crappy $15 power adapter.

    I have only briefly used the suction cup mount that came with a Garmin 3760, but it seemed pretty solid, stayed up for a few days anyway. You do need to clean the glass of any residue, and make sure the cup isn't dirty, especially around the edge. I really don't like suction cup mounts, though, and have bolted in Ram mounts instead.

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    Default Re: Car Port Sockets & GPS

    Just hardwire it to your car and be done with it.



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