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    Default Any experience selling used RD overseas?

    Will there be any problem with customs, especially to Europe? Do you just write "radar detector" on the customs form? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Any experience selling used RD overseas?

    You are dealing with two questions. First, can you legally (under US law) send it to the foreign country? The export of certain technology is restricted. You might check some US retailer websites for the RD in question to see if they restrict international shipments or particularly shipments to the country in question. If US retailers can't ship it, that might give you cause for concern.
    Second, can it legally enter the foreign country under that country's restrictions. If you are mailing it, you Post Office can check the International Mail Manual (IMM) to check for restrictions that apply to the destination country. Although not foolproof, the IMM is a pretty good guide.
    If all seems good, I think I'd just write "Auto Accessory" on the customs tag.
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    Default Re: Any experience selling used RD overseas?

    To add to Selder's response I believe selling and exporting detectors is not a problem, retailer's don't want to "get their feet wet" with international sales. Also detector needs are different in europe than the states thus the existance of RX-65 and 8500 X50 "euro" versions. Escort for example has an distributor in Latvia.

    Importing into a country varies. France importation is illegal where other countries use is illegal but sales and importations are OK.

    Being an american in France, I purchase detectors stateside, send them to a friend back in the states who repackages and resends them in a way to minimize problems with french customs. He's not taking a risk but I am.

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    Default Re: Any experience selling used RD overseas?

    Yeah. For example, for me in Hong Kong, I'd LOVE to get my hands on a reasonably priced RX65 or X50 International version (the ones with segmented Ka), but almost all retailers selling it wont send to Hong Kong, and the ones that do charge exorbitant markups for what is basically a USA RX65 with re-flashed firmware.

    Its not the IMPORT restrictions in Hong Kong, heck you can import almost anything into HK, its a problem with the SELLERS.




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