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Thread: RX65 vs X50

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    Default RX65 vs X50

    Was wondering if anyone knew, now that the X50's have "40 percent" better detection range, does that make up for the slight edge the RX65 had over them on Ka detection?

    Or does a RX65 in Ka USA mode still edge out the new Black x50's?

    I'm returning a recently bought RX65 to swap for an X50 back to Belscort. The only reason is that Bel doesn't have a "full" dark mode on the RX65. Just don't know if I'm returning a better performing RD to get an RD w/an option I want.

    Thankfully(*knocks on wood*) this area of VA doesn't have spectres, but the pOpO still have eyes. At night, that little "HD" left in the corner of the RX65(in dark mode) lights up the car like a torch!

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    Default Re: RX65 vs X50

    not necessarily more range means more response.

    the there's no form of band segmentation on the 8500 x50 black like the RX65's KA USA mode

    you could always just put a piece of black electrical tape over the display of the rx65.

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    Default Re: RX65 vs X50

    40 percent more sensitive =/= 40 percent detection range.

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    Default Re: RX65 vs X50

    The new Escort is more sensitive but the RX65 has the edge in response time. If you are happy with the RX65, I would not swap it out. Balance of sensitivity and response time is important. Black tape over the display is not a bad idea. I wonder how long it will take for the RX65 to get the upgraded lens and improved sensitivity.



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