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    Question 9500IX Experience and initial remarks

    Hello everyone! (Bare with my I'm long winded...) I have owned an assortment of detectors throughout the years and would definitely say my feet have gotten wet in the field. My very last detector was a V1(X50 before that) and seeing as I was going into the military at the time and how DOD installations don't exactly *like* RD's, I decided to part with it. (3.863 I think was the version?) Anyways, it was a decent detector, but it seemed to maybe slowly lose it's sensitivity at the end of the second year of ownership (Maybe I was just losing my marbles? heck I dunno) so I sold it! Well 2 years later (stationed in panhandle of Florida) after training and all that good stuff, I got really tired of coming around the bend and pinching a hole in the seat with my rear end because FHP's love for hiding. Long story short, I decided to buy a new detector...seeing as how I was also about to go on leave for an 8 hour trip, NOW was the time to buy one for testing purposes.

    Seeing as how I live in a touristy area and such, I knew I would be plagued by numerous door openers and the like so a valentine and redline was out of the question, so I bought the 9500ix from radarbusters and got free overnight shipping!...Not bad...I immediately hooked it up to the computer for updates but had nothing but trouble from the get go from blank serial numbers, etc...after pulling my hair out for half an hour blaming faulty 64 bit drivers, etc, I thought to myself...maybe I should actually power it on first as there may be some sort of "self initialization" it has gotta go through...sure enough that did the trick :P With all the updates applied, I went for a drive!

    I knew there was a radar sign set up in a school zone down the road so off I went! I went down a road that was perpendicular to where the sign was aimed, and the first thing I noticed was the 9500ix being terrible with off axis radar as I got a FULL blast of K band when I pulled up to the stop ramp up or anything...but this wasn't a big issue at the time as I had read (I think from the forbidden name of C P) an article which said the 9500IX ignores all those "pesky" off axis radar emitters from door openers, etc so I thought it was either by design or a paid incentive to CP from escort to say this...either way it was addressed so to speak). I then turned down the road and was VERY impressed with the long range of sensitivity of K band, seeing as how I had an S7 8500 X50 in the past, I was used to this :P) I also have a bushnell K band gun, and before all the "oh no here we go again, armchair radar experts!" keep in mind the 8500 x50 I had was *fairly* quick to respond to Q/T K band and of course the V1 was ALWAYS on top of Q/T with pop on (and _EVERY_ other cobra RD on the road out there...grrr) needless to say, the 9500IX took almost a THREE FULL SECONDS to alert to the gun being activated...and no that wasn't a point blank range shot so it wasn't overload :P. With GPS filtering off it was reduced to about 1.5 to 2....still way too much of a delay for my liking ...researching more and more, I find yet another article stating how Q/T is almost as rare as pop, etc etc and it once again gave me reassurance that I would probably never encounter it....wellllll...that was BEFORE my trip home to tennessee (hills and curves EVERYWHERE).

    While the 9500ix did MEDIOCRE with KA for me, it still sucked on ramp up. I understand the difference between I/O and C/O but I never got weak alerts to KA and then a ramp up, it was always a STRONG alert to full alert for about 1/2 mile to a mile at most and then it would fall off to the usual few second dummy delay as the cop passed. I thought to myself, well that was enough warning to slow down but if was I/O I would have been toast! And going back to the off axis issue, I had at least two times where far ahead I would get an alert RIGHT before the cop came fully around a curve up ahead on the interstate, and unless he held the trigger down the WHOLE time after the curve (doubt it as one was on the phone), it was C/O...can this thing not sniff out radar reflecting off of the trees concrete barriers, etc?? I KNOW my old X50 and V1 were WAAAAAY better with around the curve/over the hill. I understand the annoyances that some off axis alerts from K band door openers may cause but cutting back off axis sensitivity to KA band was a FAIL in my book. I can see it now, a road with a 90 degree curve in the middle and a cop sitting on the other end shooting I/O KA (narrow beam width)'re screwed with this detector in my humble opinion...I can't even imagine stalker handheld Q/T in that scenario...granted most of my near-ticket encounters were highway related, this detector is advertised as a city/highway detector but its highway performance is definitely sucking at the moment for me and im not sure if that to do with the horn design (M4 is it?) or some other issue. I can't stop thinking about that three second delay with GPS filtering on (not to mention how much more added delay may be caused by a sorting through a HUGE number of lockouts, etc) I dunno...I think I'm gonna return this thing...can any redline owner chime in on their experiences with off axis KA or Q/T If so, PLEASE let me know cause I'm going for that or a V1...Thanks in advance!!

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    Default Re: 9500IX Experience and initial remarks

    A 3 second delay? It sounds like that 9500ix may have some issues. A 9500ix should outperform your X50. I would try another 9500ix if you can or have that one serviced. I used a 9500ix for years before moving to the iQ which I use now and I loved it. Many many saves, especially against I/O K which is used often here. The iQ is a nav device wrapped around a 9500ix so I'm basically still using a 9500ix.

    Oh and don't forget that the 9500ix will limit X and K detection while in any Auto mode when you are traveling below 50MPH (ie speed sensitivity). That may explain the initial poor off-axis K experience. Highway mode is full detection on all bands, all the time.

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    Default Re: 9500IX Experience and initial remarks

    I feel like from a sensitivity standpoint, my 9500ix was no better than my X50. My 9500ix would also randomly display "lockout" with the associated noise even when it was the first time I was in an area, so I was starting to not trust the auto-lockout function...

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    Default Re: 9500IX Experience and initial remarks

    I have an older ix (needs 12v source to get downloads) and my experience is similar to his. The ramp up makes the detector seem "surprised" by almost every encounter. The off-axis detection is lack luster. (Probably by design as a false alarm rejection scheme for the X50)

    It does "over the hill" well, but around the curve is a crap-shoot.

    I still use the ix for what it's really good at: quiet protection. My work vehicle can't have noise from a bunch of false alarms all day, so the ix does its thing there.



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