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    Default What detector to change to from my 9500ix? Redline, V1, the choices!

    OK, so I've been a radar detector user for a number of years, and during that time, I have jumped around to a few different detectors.

    My first foray into the world of radar detectors was the Escort 8500, which while decent - really annoyed me with the false alarms and limit functionality compared to something like a 9500ix.

    I then tried a 9500i, and afterwards a 9500ix. In between, I also had a Valentine 1.

    Basically, for me recently it was between the 9500ix and Valentine 1. I love the arrows and interface of the V1, but the false alerts really bother me as I live in the tri-state area with numerous falses. Until ESP and Savvy come out for V1, which could mean less falses, I am not sure i want to go this route.

    Now, I currently have an 9500ix. But it's getting old and needs an upgrade. I love the GPS filtering, and speedtrap/camera information. Makes the detector more useful.

    Here's what I am thinking of getting, and Escort Live puts a new perspective on things: I had before always preferred the V1 over the RedLine due to the arrows, but now the RedLine can basically be turned into a 9500ix with Escort Live, with GPS filtering, cameras, etc. This puts it in a different perspective, so I am thinking of getting it. I still miss the V1, though..and I really wonder what ESP will come out with.

    Any ideas out there?

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    Default Re: What detector to change to from my 9500ix? Redline, V1, the choices!

    Get the one that you choose after your research and weighing the pros and cons of each choice.

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    Default Re: What detector to change to from my 9500ix? Redline, V1, the choices!

    How about the Bel STi-R Plus? Detection capabilities of the RedLine(better if programmed correctly), the false alert lockout capabilities of the 9500ix and the best Q/T detection capabilities on the planet when programmed correctly.

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    Default Re: What detector to change to from my 9500ix? Redline, V1, the choices!

    Dj is right, you should consider the Sti-R Plus. If it is out of your price range give me a call and I can get you a deal on any of our detectors we carry. We unfortunately we don't carry the Live yet, but if you do go with that and the Redline please let us know how it works out. I'm really curious to hear about how well this unit performs



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