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    Default Will my Mirror block radar reception?

    Hey guys,

    I just bought an escort 9500ix and am still figuring out the best window location to put it. I've done a bunch of searching and have found the consensus is to place the radar detector high. Escort says place the unit low, but I have no problems with gps signal (I get it in my garage most days).

    Right now I have the unit mounted to the left of my mirror. I like it there it's out of the way, easy to read and much less visible to police and thieves. But because of the way my center console is designed I think I may be blocking some of the radar coverage on the passenger side. I used to have it right in the center of the windshield, down low to the dash - but i felt it was highly visible, and would rather not have cops harass me for having it stuck to my windshield - then again, the point is to not get pulled over, so if i'm handycapping myself by keeping it up high....

    here's a pic: i drive a volvo s60, and you can see i have the RD right below the tint line, and on the right is full opaque black plastic. What kind of peripheral coverage do RDs have? am i just being paranoid?


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    Default Re: Will my Mirror block radar reception?

    I see no problems with the way you have it mounted. I can't see the plastic to the left even having any chance of causing a problem.

    If it were mine, I would consider mounting it even higher.

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    Default Re: Will my Mirror block radar reception?

    That spot is perfect... lol

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    Default Re: Will my Mirror block radar reception?

    I'd get a tint strip above the AS-1 line if you can for theft purposes. Looks fine where it is.



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