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    Question STiR Plus display integration with vehicle information center - How is it done?

    I just got a new STiR plus and am considering what to do with the display. I saw a few instances were people were able to integrate the display into the vehicles information center like this:

    07' Mercedes S550 Escort 9500ci radar display on cluster - YouTube

    How is this done and how can I find out if it will work on my car? I have a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 that has an info center between the gauges but this car just came out this month so no one has attempted this yet.

    Also, how can I integrate the STiR+ speaker into the vehicle's speakers?


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    Default Re: STiR Plus display integration with vehicle information center - How is it done?

    it will not work on jeep. this is accomplished using the cluster interface from mid city engineering. here is the list of supported vehicles (mercedes only with the exception of one audi and one ferrari model) Passport/Escort Interfaces | Mid City Engineering

    someone else will need to elaborate on the speaker part of the question
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