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    Default Best radar detector around $150 WITH a headphone jack?

    I know, theres a ton of these threads. Problem is, I have a hard time finding if a detector has a headphone jack, even after google images, the website for the detector, etc.

    Plan on using this in my MR2 and motorcycle, and a headphone jack is probably the most important feature if I plan on hearing alerts on the bike.

    The price limit is in place in case of going down on the bike, or the radar detector somehow flying off.

    Because of the price limit, it looks like I'm limited to the Beltronics V9__ series. After much research, it looks like there is very little functional difference between the V940, V955, or V995, and the major differences are the features.

    Seems like the sensitivity, range, etc, are very similar with these 3 RD's, and chances are I won't be really messing with the features on the bike.

    I can't really find any info if the V940 or V955 has a headphone jack.

    Are there any other RDs I should be looking for in this price range with a headphone jack?

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    Default Re: Best radar detector around $150 WITH a headphone jack?

    Make sure the RD can work in your area(i.e. TSR and other filters) as you mention trying to make adjustments on the two wheeler can be difficult.

    In the past I've USD the remote audio for the V1 with head phones in the helmut. Currently have the V1 on the brake reservoir and just use a ziplock sandwich when it rains. V1 has a nice big knob for muting and easy to turn with bulky riding gloves on.

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    Default Re: Best radar detector around $150 WITH a headphone jack?

    Found out the Bel V940 does have a headphone jack. Was able to find the owners manual online and make sure.

    I was planning on doing the same as far as mounting goes. Industrial strength velcro on the brake reservoir and some sort of velcro strap maybe to make sure it doesn't go flying.

    I was planning on just using a y-splitter with the RD and an iPod nano, and have read it works for some, but could possibly damage one of the devices as well.

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    Default Re: Best radar detector around $150 WITH a headphone jack?

    Saw you had an SV as well, any chance you could post a pic of your brake reservoir setup?

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    Default Re: Best radar detector around $150 WITH a headphone jack?

    My riding buddy used an Whistler XTR695 on his bike. It has an earphone jack that worked well.
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