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    Default Escort Redline or 9500IX or V1 for MA

    I have been looking for a radar detector for a while now. Somewhat confused about some of the differences and laser detection abilities. It is my understanding that V1 is somewhat better in detection of laser use in the area as well as less false positives. It is my understanding that RedLine has a longer range detection + some other GPS related capabilities, but so does IX at which point I am not quite sure the difference of RedLine vs IX other than the range and now phone use abilities that is only good if anyone else is using it and was in the area before me....
    The bottom line as far as I can tell, different radar/laser detectors are better for different areas, as such what are recommendations for MA - Mass Pike, Route 9, 495, 290 kind of driving mostly. NH, VT, CT once in a while.
    Thanks for advise..

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    Default Re: Escort Redline or 9500IX or V1 for MA

    Redline does not have GPS capabilities. The only way to get any GPS functions with the Redline is to use Escort Live.

    The Redline is a much more sensitive detector than the 9500ix. The 9500ix has cool features such as speed related sensitivity, Autolearn which learns constant source falses in your area and locks them out from being alerted, TrueLock which is similar to Autolearn but allows you to be in control of which false sources you lock out, and built-in Red Light Camera and Speed Camera location alerts. The 9500ix can also be mated to Escort Live.

    Neither of those detectors are very effective laser detectors and seem to false more than they alert to real signals. The V1 is VERY adept at picking up laser and laser scatter, but it also tends to pick up false sources as well from certain vehicles that use laser cruise and some vehicles that have certain styles of high mount stop lamps (the 9500 and Redline both false to those signals as well).

    The V1 I would place in between the two in terms of Radar sensitivity, but above both in reaction time to Q/T and I/O radar. The V1 is quieter in urban areas than the Redline, especially when programmed to your liking.

    If door openers and false source locations bother you greatly and distract you from recognizing real threats, the 9500ix is probably the best choice, but be careful with the Autolearn and TrueLock features, as it's possible for them to lock out real threats.

    If Ka band is the main threat in your area and you don't find location information of the radar sources useful, then the Redline is a great choice.

    If you want to have the most customizing ability and feel that the arrows and bogey counter are useful (many of us do), then the V1 is the best choice.

    Radar detectors are not the best choice in laser defense, however. So you want to look elsewhere if Laser is a real threat in your area.

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    Default Re: Escort Redline or 9500IX or V1 for MA

    There are two forms of speed measuring devices: radar and laser. Radar uses radio signals while laser uses infra-red light. Modern detectors detect both radar and laser.

    Laser is a point and shoot device which shoots a fine infra red laser beam. Regardless of the detector, most of the time if you get a laser alert then you were the target and it's too late. The only real defense against laser is actively jamming the laser gun. All laser jamming systems have to be installed into the front, and sometimes, rear of your vehicle. We offer laser jamming systems both with our installed detectors (mount into your vehicle) and they are compatible with our windshield mounted detectors. Note that radar jamming is federally illegal. Nobody sells a true radar jammer, well legally anyways. Laser jamming is prohibited in some areas.

    Radar on the other hand easily reflects off of objects and can be detected well before you are in range of it. All of our detectors do a great job of detecting radar well in advance. The main problem with radar though is that things other than police use radar too such as automatic door openers, security systems, etc. These will cause most detectors to alert too, which are called false alerts. The most common complaint about radar detectors is the false alerts.

    TrueLock is our false alert elimination technology used in the 9500ix. The Passport 9500ix incorporates a GPS chip which will store every detection and your location. Once it sees the same radar frequency at the same location after three passes, then it will store it and not alert to it again. After a few days of driving then the 9500ix is silent unless it sees a new radar signal, a threat. This is all done automatically.

    The 9500ix also has a built in and updatable database of all camera locations in North America. I checked the database and there are some red light cameras in MA.

    The RedLine detector delivers extreme detection range of radar signals with some software based anti-falsing. It will still false alert, just not as much when in Auto, filtered, mode. You can get TrueLock with a RedLine if you are using it with our Escort Live smartphone app through the optional SmartCord Live power cord. Both Apple and Android versions are available.

    I highly recommend the Passport 9500ix. It's very simple to use yet has plenty of settings to adjust if you like. It won't annoy you and your passengers all the time. The 9500ix also alerts you to cameras, which a detector alone will not alert you to. It's performance is more than enough for almost everyone.

    Escort Radar customer service is available from 8am-6pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608



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