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    Default remote detector advice

    Hey guys,

    Awesome forum - very impressed with the amount of information and experience available here.

    I'd like to add a remote detector to my car in the near future. I thought the Whistler 3600 Pro was the way to go due to it's modular design with GPS option and since it is at a price point that I'm more than comfortable with, but I've read a few negative comments here about that detector (mostly relating to falsing, I think).

    I'm also considering the 8500ci, although it's at the higher end of the spectrum of what I'd be willing to pay. It is probably the frontrunner for me.

    I'd love to get the sti-r (or 9500ci), but they are at a price that's a little steep for me (and a tough sell for the wife), so I'd say they are out unless someone here knows where I can get a decent discount on one or the other...

    So, if I get an 8500ci, what will I love about it and where will coverage be lacking the most? Is it worth the extra $$ over the 3600 Pro? Is there a better remote detector option than either of these at a price point very near the 8500ci or lower that I'm missing? I'm only considering remote detectors.

    > 95% of my driving will be in North Carolina, if that matters, and I plan on supplementing my remote RD with Veil, but no active laser jamming at this time. I will install the detector myself.

    Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

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    Default Re: remote detector advice

    8500ci is a very respected detector with excellent scores, that's where I would "Invest" my $$$. The Whister isn't in the same league.

    This site is geared more towards serious radar detector users, so you won't find many people with a Whistler around here.

    If you just want a RD for fun, to see where the action is, Buy a Whistler, or Cobra.

    If you are a Professional Driver and/or you are serious about Drivers License Protection, then buy the high end Beltronics / Escort / Valentine One / Laser Interceptor offerings.



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