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    Question Mixed driving locations -- 9500ix or STi Magnum?

    Hi all, first-time poster but long-time lurker. Right now I've got a dilemma on my hands to choose between the Escort 9500ix or the BEL STi Magnum.

    Live in downtown Chicago and do about half my driving down here. Obviously there is no speed enforcement in the city since we're perpetually under 30mph, save for Lake Shore Drive (which is basically never radar/lidar enforced). Chicago and some of the suburbs do have red light enforcement cameras.

    I drive on the local highways to visit people in the suburbs periodically. One such route takes me right past county police HQ and they do enforce that stretch heavily from marked vehicles in the underpass. In the spring and summer I travel to neighboring states for track days and that means taking some heavily-enforced highways (Indiana Toll Road, I-94 in WI, I-65 in IN, etc) to get there and back.

    My job is 90-100 percent travel so I would likely take the detector with me wherever I go.

    Driving style is not really that aggressive or fast, I just try to keep up with the bulk of traffic. That works out to about 10-12 over in most circumstances. Still, that has led to a few speeding tickets over the years. I drive a red Audi S4; it's no yellow Corvette but it isn't a beige Camry either. No front license plate so they're probably noticing me immediately.

    Thinking the 9500ix is a smart choice since it still offers excellent sensitivity with the ability to alert on the red light cameras and silence the false alarms in the city/burbs, especially in unfamiliar areas. The ramp-up is disappointing though. But part of me still wants the STi Magnum for that extra sensitivity when I'm on the highway. The off-axis detection is important since the bulk of the roads I'm on are very gradual sweeping curves with almost no elevation change. After seeing some comparisons about how the STi alerts earlier, it's tempting. And no, I do not regularly drive in VA/DC where the Spectre immunity is needed.

    Should probably add that long ago I had an 8500 that was stolen out of my car...stupidly left it mounted one day. My parents liked "borrowing it" occasionally since my father has a knack for getting tickets while on roadtrips.

    Thanks in advance. Look forward to your expert opinions.
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    Default Re: Mixed driving locations -- 9500ix or STi Magnum?

    I recommend the 9500ix. This is by far our best selling detector since it was released several years ago and for good reason. It's performance is more than enough for most and it's features make it the easiest to detector to live with.

    If you are really interested in the STi Magnum and you have a iPhone or Android based smartphone, then get a SmartCord Live so that you can use our new Escort Live app/network. Not only will you receive alerts from other nearby Escort Live users, but it will add many of the features of the 9500ix to your STi Magnum including camera alerts, TrueLock false alert elimination, and speed limit data.

    Escort Radar customer service is available from 8am-6pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608

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    Default Re: Mixed driving locations -- 9500ix or STi Magnum?

    Go to the Trapster web site and check it out. Escort live will cost you yearly and Trapster is free, if you are worried about red light photo/speed tickets. The 9500ix lock out feature is nice for a "same route" metro RD but you have to travel the same route each time (you have to lock the alarm out after a couple passes). Your not going to be happy when your in new territory because this feature does not work, slighty miss-leading. If your on the road, check out the Escort Redline and the Valentine One which rules for glass mounts.....

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    Default Re: Mixed driving locations -- 9500ix or STi Magnum?

    9500ix and be done with it...
    All the other stuff like trapster and live and what not is only suitable for long road trips.

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    Default Re: Mixed driving locations -- 9500ix or STi Magnum?

    9500ix. Anything else will drive you nuts in any decent sized city.



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