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    Question Recommendation for specific mounting location

    Greetings! I have a new convertible, and there is only one location that I want to use for my detector. This would be a windshield mount on the lower driver's side. Perhaps 4 inches off the dash but close to the pillar. This allows me easy hard-wire access. (In my older car I had a V1 mounted near the mirror. )

    So, for this specific location, would you:
    1. Stay with the V1 even though the rear detection would be compromised by the driver's seat.
    2. Switch to Redline
    3. Switch to 9500ix
    4. Try the 8500ci (FKA qi45) (The 9500ci is not an option)

    Driving style: Aggressive but not nuts. Just too easy to get going a little too fast. Daily commut involves some country and some city driving.

    Thanks-- appreciate this forum a lot!

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    Default Re: Recommendation for specific mounting location

    All my V1 mounting locations are driver's side of rvm. This goes for my convertible too. Ohio State Patrol using laser. To the rear the V1 can pick out laser scatter through 35% window tint.

    The V1 ergonomics are such that the unit be placed driver right. Notice speaker direction and angles controls. You want that speaker close to your ears with the top down. Besides that V1 big red arrow is easier to see in the sun than the spec meter digits.



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