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    Default - Applied Physics & John Turner Threaten Lawsuit

    Last week I received a cease and desist order from John Turner, the owner of, Applied Physics Inc. and the manufacture of the SCD Speed Camera Eliminator.

    Today I published my rebuttal of his bull**** claims!

    SCD Speed Camera Eliminator

    Would appreciate your feedback.

    Do you think that the SCD Photo Radar Jammer works as the manufacture claims or it is another "dangerous" product as his prior VF2 that could cause a fire in your car?
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    Default Re: - Applied Physics & John Turner Threaten Lawsuit

    They want to sue you for damages. Let them. Then make an a$$ of them in Court as well as pay your expenses. They won't understand anything else.

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    Default Re: - Applied Physics & John Turner Threaten Lawsuit

    Oh man, Radar Roy pounded poor John so hard that after he ate him for lunch he crapped out a diamond. Too bad John's lawyer didn't tell John that the truth is an absolute defense against libel and slander lawsuits. It may have avoided him this exceedingly embarrassing public excoriation.

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    Default Re: - Applied Physics & John Turner Threaten Lawsuit

    Too bad poloiicans aren't held to the same standard like the "Etch a Sketch boy"

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    Default Re: - Applied Physics & John Turner Threaten Lawsuit

    Any update, Was the letter just a smoke screen to intimidate, or will this drag out for awhile through the legal system.



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