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    Default Opinions on Best Setup for my Situation?

    Hey all.

    After much reading on these forums as well as GOL, etc, I have narrowed my options down to two radar detectors as viable options.

    I'm considering either the Valentine 1 or the Escort Redline.

    Here's some background.

    I live in Omaha, Nebraska and plan on living here till I die. In the city, it's been confirmed by acquaintance LEOs that in speed trap scenarios most often employed is LIDAR over RADAR and all except X band radar is used otherwise. Most of my driving is done in the city so keep this in mind.

    I'm currently not considering a laser jammer because the laws in this state are written as such that interpreted, it can go either way as far as the legality. Besides, aforementioned LEOs claim they are illegal. Either way, legal or not, it's a battle I don't want to face. I am however considering passive laser countermeasures (i.e. laser shield, VEIL) to supplement a good RD.

    Driving habits. I drive at PSL or just above or below most of the time. My car, however, requires that I run datalogs in order obtain information on AFR, knock, boost, etc. for which I may need to adjust the tune. These datalogs can take me up to 80-100 mph to get the information needed. Bear in mind, these runs are recorded on open stretches with no cars in front of me and none coming the opposite direction to ensure safety of myself and other motorists. Well, during one of these runs, I was picked off by a LIDAR speed trap in an area I always go and have never seen a trap. I'd like to prevent that from happening again. My preference would be something that could alert me best for upcoming speed traps using LIDAR or Radar. I have read enough that with no rabbit ahead, I may be screwed either way. However, with an early enough warning and passive countermeasures, I feel I could have avoided this situation by cutting the run off early and applying the brakes. Furthermore, it's not uncommon for LEOs running speed traps to pull over whole groups of cars all traveling with the flow of traffic only above PSL.

    Because I have a high performance vehicle, I do enjoy the occasional cruise that takes me on highways and interstates beyond city limits. Obviously at the higher rates of speeds that are obtained, the earliest warnings of upcoming radar would be invaluable.

    As far as speed cameras, etc, those are not employed much here by the enforcement just yet. It's not to say they will never be, it is just not a concern now. There are a few rumored RLCs that are in use here at the larger intersctions, But i've never been one to blast through such intersections at high speeds or to beat the red.

    Anyway, based on the background I've given, what would the community here recommend are things I should consider with these units. As well, if there is another option I'm overlooking, please indulge.

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    Default Re: Opinions on Best Setup for my Situation?


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    Default Re: Opinions on Best Setup for my Situation?

    It sounds like you drive pretty calmly in town and have the fun out of town. I'd think V1 here. The Redline is good, but I'm not familiar with it. But the V1 is a very high performing RD, no doubts there. As you're not looking at LIDAR jamming, then you're open to LIDAR quite a bit. The V1 is about the most sensitive to LIDAR, but even then, the nature of LIDAR is that most of the time you get an alert from being tagged already. The V1 is supposedly sensitive enough for you to get a LIDAR alert from some splash off of a vehicle in front of you and in line with the LEO.

    Around here, there's a few canyons and remote spots where we like to go with the bikes and ride based upon the tachometer and not really even consider that other gauge next to it. No, these aren't top-speed-fests or anything, but above the PSL. It's remote and any RD signal out there is a sign that something's up, but with the terrain and IO and LIDAR, it's not enough. So whether alone or with friends, we ride the route first slowly, (sometimes this is followed by a slow ride back too)..once clear visually and no RD alerts, then enjoy the road.

    Depending on the roads and truck traffic (and trucks that actually have CB's), one can get good feedback from others. Though I'm not sure how you'd stylishly mount a 3-5' antenna on the T6.

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    Default Re: Opinions on Best Setup for my Situation?

    Wow! You do have an issue, laser! With out jammers, pray and keeps the eyes open! I/O, need a super fast RD to have any chance (a filtered RD can wait up to 2-4 seconds before alarming, no chance at all). The Redline with future things happening maybe one way to go if they will get off of their a$$ and produce super products for I/O. Do you hate alarms? An Escort product to program out the falses might serve your needs in the metro but lacks in performance. I have used the V1 for many years and will not change yet. I have beaten laser with my eyes so far when out of state and have the V1 set for priority alarms and unfiltered for the nasty I/O hits (knock on wood). Good luck, for you need a great RD and jammers, it is all a gamble to buy time! One will lose over time....



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