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    I got the 9500ix a couple years ago and it didnt come with iphone cord.

    My question is, I noticed that 9500ix has an iphone live cord. Is it worth getting, doesnt this only work if only another escort user detects it? But most people use the news traffic radio of call-in users stating where lazer spots are at in the morning commute. Is it worth getting the cord?

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    It is a new feature, the more people that get it the better off it is in your city! Surprisingly lots of pre-orders going out everywhere so definitely get it and contribute to the cause in your city. No it won't help you with call in radio warnings as it is based on your detector and others detectors hooked up to the live network. The best is to get the hardwire cord and wire it all up so you don't have to worry about anything but plugging your phone in and off you go.



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